Sport & Recreation

Sport and Recreation operates 11 centres throughout the state that have an impressive track record of providing quality outdoor activity programs and kids school and holiday camps. Generations of children in NSW have taken advantage of the affordable and experienced services that these centres have offered.


What’s happening?

The State Government has quietly been looking at having private operators take over the running of the centres. They are spread throughout the state, from the Hawkesbury and the Hunter, the Snowy Mountains and far north coast, to the far west and north-west NSW. They have strong links to their local communities and are stable source of employment. The centres promote tourism and school and community groups travel from throughout the state to visit. Any move to have these centres generate private profits puts all this at risk.


Why is this important?

These operators will be looking at making a profit from the centres, which undermines their ethos. The centres are situated on magnificent sites that, while they are in public hands, are there for the enjoyment of us all.

Read Anne Gardiner’s letter to Minister Stuart Ayres about the privatisation of Sport and Recreation Centres HERE.