Housing NSW

Everyone needs a roof over their head, and Housing NSW provides homes to those most at need. Housing NSW workers also support their tenants with access to a wide range of disability and other services.


What’s happening?

In NSW, access to affordable and secure housing is a huge problem. There is a long waiting list for public housing, and the Government is selling off dwellings and transferring others to community housing.

In 2016, the Government released a policy on social housing that expands the role for community housing and the private sector. However, this will not meet demand for housing now or in the future. The only winners will be investors and developers, and not the people of NSW.

Instead, the Government is shirking its obligations to the most disadvantaged members of society and is sending them away far from areas that have opportunities for work and services. Social housing will not be spread evenly over NSW, but will be concentrated in those areas that property is cheapest – on the outskirts of Sydney and in regional locations.


Why is this important?

The problems for public housing in NSW are large and complex. However, only the Government has the resources and access to services required to provide our most disadvantaged with a home and services to keep them safe in their housing.

Social housing experiments in the UK involving the private sector have been disastrous, and we must ensure that we don’t repeat them here. Public housing and profits don’t mix.

See the discussion paper in which Serco is positioning to take over public housing HERE.