Government Records

The Government Records Repository manages and stores records created by NSW public sector agencies, such as hospitals, local councils and public schools. It has over 60 years’ experience in keeping sensitive government records safe and secure. Government Records Repository operates a world-class storage facility in the western suburbs of Sydney that is a valuable employer in the area and a contributor to the local economy.

What’s happening?

In February 2016, staff were told that the Government had “commenced initial discussions with the market to sound out potential options for the future.” This was a roundabout way of saying it, but workers were certain what it meant – the Government Records Repository is going to be privatised.

Why is this important?

Our government needs its records to function well. They provide evidence of actions and decisions, and promote accountability and transparency. It’s also essential that the personal and sensitive records that the government keeps about us are secure.

There are just too many risks if these records are going to be kept by a private company instead of by the government itself. It’s too late to take action if your privacy is breached and your personal information falls into the wrong hands.